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Home of a Weaver

If you haven’t yet, don’t forget to switch your links over to rachelbeckman.com to continue reading updates to my blog and portfolio. All of the old posts from the threadedletters blog are on my website, and that is where I will continue to post from now on. Thank you!


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I woke up this morning feeling for all the world like vomiting

I would regurgitate mice and playdough and hopelessness

Into your hands so you could feel the warmth of what nothingness


I woke up feeling the gray all around me

And the gray, with nothing worse than gray

Just wont let go

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Mask, Thread on Muslin, February 2009

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Indiscriminate Monsters

Instead of doing a lot of things today, I finally completed the project I began on my loom before winter break. Enter a thousand technical difficulties (ok, only one, the strings holding up my harnesses snapping) and lost of frustration, but that’s all part of being a weaver, right? Also, inventiveness:


Here is an in-progress shot. Note the lack of bobbin and presence of knitting needle. The loops are intentional; it’s part of an investigation I’m doing on fighting control in a controlled process.


I have photographed this in sections because it’s so long and narrow and I haven’t quite figured out how to take a full shot that gives it justice.


Indiscriminate Monsters in Search of Control

Rayon, Cotton, 57″x6″

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