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Costume Sketch with Fabric Swatches and Button Design

Costume Sketch with Fabric Swatches and Button Design

Here are the completed sketches for my Russian folktale costume design. To tell you a bit about the design: each element is inspired by a piece of traditional Ukrainian or Russian costume. I was really interested in working with pattern (check out the home furnishing fabric which was once used to upholster a couch I sat on as a little girl) so I decided to trade in the intricate embroidery for pattern overload. The shape and style of the dress is an updated/ modern take on the details and layering of a traditional Ukrainian woman’s garments: the drawstring is replaced by a pleated neck, the cut of the dress and differentiation between the body of the dress and the shoulders was taken from a layering of blouse and overcoat, the apron relates to the story (the pockets as a means of storage during a journey) and references the apron that was once worn to cover the opening of a warp-around skirt. I am opting to hand-weave the belt that attaches to the apron (via the most perfect buttons- they reminded me of patterns I saw in my Russian folktale/rituals class) as a tribute to the many references to weaving in the story and throughout Russian folklore and history, as well as to add my own personal flare to the costume. This past week I completed the mock-up of the costume (which I still can’t believe I actually pulled off) and coming up is the real thing. And trust me, there will be plenty of pictures.


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