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Earlier today I had an absolutely wonderful and insightful conversation with friend and fellow staff member Stephanie about the work I do in weaving and the work we both do in poetry. The first thing that really struck me on her end of the conversation that I wanted to share was the idea that cloth today is not as precious as in the past because of mass production. Case in point: most people never think about how the cloth they buy in the fabric store is made (it doesn’t just grow on trees!). It’s something I’ve never really thought of before, and we talked extensively about the art of living a “slow” life, the idea that taking the time to do tasks that are otherwise provided for us in a mass produced society does not equate to laziness, but instead reflects an ability to focus and share an appreciation of hard, processed work. Re-reading that, it makes little sense, but maybe it’ll make you think of something similar. I guess what we were saying is that removing yourself from the modern pace of society, to some extent, to revisit crafts and skills that have been forgotten or discarded in favor of an easier production can be an honorable thing. Trust me, our conversation was much more eloquent than my fatigued thoughts. (I’m going on my last day of TARC training for the MICA pre-college program and it’s been intense).

The other thing we talked about was writing (because I mentioned the connection I draw between weaving and writing) and something we talked about was being proud of what you write, and taking ownership of it. And blurring the lines between private and public work. Out of that conversation came some inspiration for me to share some more of my own work on this blog, especially since I’m always talking about how important interdisciplinary work is, and emphasizing both my writing and my weaving at the same time.

The following works come from my book from my second semester poetry class entitled You & Me. The rest of the poems after the jump.

We make ourselves known
through richly paneled walls, chocolate drawn drapes
and the pronounced silence of hiding from essence

Lady Victorian Dreamer and Level Headed Modernist have met
and she’s not supposed to be here, aware-
how the long, bone cigarette holder dangling from her careless lips
reminds him of her legs, reminds him of progress

she coughs, a mouse in hiding and he notices
and the thing is, some how-do-you dos simply get lost in
the theories of lipstick and gin


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You & Me

This is a simple book I printed and bound for my Intro to Poetry class.  Our final for the semester is a Chapbook of at least 10 poems of a common theme. My book is entitled you & me and consists of ten poems concerning the lives of two early 20th century characters, Lady Victorian Dreamer and Level Headed Modernist. The poems read as a chronological narrative from beginning to end.


poetry book 2

poetry book 3

Hand drawn and painted cover illustration.

4″ x 5.5″ Printed on Natural Stonehenge Paper in Palatino Linotype

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I finished my Color Blog Weaving last night, so this post is meant to round out the blog posts for the project. I have posted some poems from earlier in the semester that I failed to post on time, as well as doubled up on poems the past few days in order to get this weaving finished in time for the Handweaver’s Guild of America (HGA) scholarship deadline. There are only 25 poems, but I did weave the entire warp (I haven’t measured it yet, but if I stand on a chair and hold it up above my head, it is still taller than me). It’s a very substantial cloth; look forward to pictures later today when I figure out how to photograph it.


shadow cat  is a name that makes for a sexy mutant


the shadow between your thighs means
maybe we should join hands one day


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Color Project- Day 17

i grow my hair long so that it tangles in the wind on car trips to nowhere

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Color Project- Day 16

(from yesterday)

we are drawing invisible lines on invisible surfaces

yet you erase for imperfection

and begin again

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Color Project- Day 15

Gray on blue creates invisible worlds

Where my hands meet dead ends

And I am entranced by the absence of everything

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Color Project- Day 14

I am tip-toe-ing

mildly, watching my toes connect

like hinges to the concrete earth

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