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Tis the season! With a week left of finals, Jacqueline, Bryan, and I (respectively) decided to do a little de-stresser in the holiday spirit by building graham cracker houses. My other roommate, Andrea, also built one (the Empire State Building, she’s an environmental design major), but I didn’t get a good picture of it and now it resides in our fridge, just waiting to be eaten. Don’t they look scrumptious? My favourite is Jacqueline’s, which we dubbed the insane asylum. It was falling apart all over the place, but it was definitely made with love.

Since I’ve had a lot of time to lazy around, being mostly done with finals and all, I’ve had more time to contemplate what exactly I need to do to be ready to propose a show with Jacqueline in the spring, make inventory to get my website and Etsy shop up and running, and keep my sanity by doing the things I love.


I bought this yarn at MICA’s Art Market the other day, and I couldn’t resist knitting it already- the color is so wonderful! I started out making a scarf, seeing as that’s the only thing I can actually knit, and then realizing that the yarn is a tad to scratchy for wearing, I decided that I’m going to make a wall hanging instead. It’ll give me an excuse to use the felt I made last year for some applique work and embroidery. Now all I need is some imagery. Perhaps some more Russian folktales?


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Right now I’m in an in-between stage. The Ikat project is finished, and the double cloth project will start next week; first a sample, then the final for the class. Truthfully, I don’t have a lot of work going on in most of my classes, mostly essays and reading, and since I am impossibly quick when it comes to getting homework done I have plenty of free time to get caught up on all of those other projects I have looming in the distance. No pun intended.

Actually, most of the projects I’m currently working on are off-loom; finally finish spinning the sumptuous green merino wool I bought at the Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival last Spring (which will take me forever, because I am a terrible spinner [I blame it on the drop spindle] and I get easily frustrated and quit early), a knitting project that I have in mind for an installation, and some embroidery work that I need to finish and begin (finish for work I plan on submitting to competitive scholarships next semester, begin work with Jacqueline McNally for a show we plan to submit in the Spring).  It’s hard to work on everything all at once, but it’s even harder to not let the inactive projects slip too far in to the back of my mind.

I’m most excited about my collaboration with Jacqueline because I’ve never really done collaborative work before, and our work is so different; she’s an illustator and I’m a fiber artist, but we have a lot of common ground when it comes to our interests, and we work together so well as people. I don’t see how we can fail.

It’s rather gloomy and unexciting outside today, so I’m going to hop on home, curl into bed with one of the aforementioned tasks (embroidery sounds good tonight) and watch Mirrormask, which is sure to be some kind of inspiration.

Weaving updates to follow this week- I can’t keep my hands off the loom!

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