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Cotton, Cashmere

Cotton, Tencel, Linen

Cotton, Recycled Silk

Cotton, Cashmere

Some samples get a new life as lovely wall hangings. In addition to my bookmarks, these will also be on sale during MICA’s Annual Art Market.  December 9-12, 10am to 6pm in the Brown Center.


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And other woes, etc.

Today I had the (painful) pleasure of viewing the Cezanne and Beyond exhibit at the Philadelphia Museum of Art. It’s a shame really, because the exhibit was beautifully curated, with works ranging from Ellsworth Kelly to Max Beckmann (and beyond!), displayed seamlessly in a breathtaking, open space- complete with complementary pre-recorded messages chattering along in your ear as you moved from painting to painting. In a way, I enjoyed the fact that nine out of ten people accepted the audio tour without question, because that just meant I got an almost silent tour of the exhibit, just me and my thoughts- unless, of course, I was standing within three feet of any given person, because then I could hear the little electronic voices circumventing their ears and bouncing back in the air towards my own. That being said, it was almost impossible to not be within three feet, or even one foot, of any given person because the exhibit was so packed. Let me mention briefly the entire shop dedicated to the exhibit that greeted you immediately upon exit, filled with fashionable items for you to fill your home with to show your friends just how cultured you are. The amount of money that the museum must have made on this one exhibit, today alone, makes me weep. Side note: I have noticed that people are more apt to run into you and not pay any attention at all to where they are going when they are plugged in.

And I wonder- how in the name of all that is good is anyone supposed to enjoy art that way? Packed up against eachother like cattle, breathing in the same preconcieved lectures through our auditory senses? How much more can we be removed from art? I was under the impression that we went to museums to see art for ourselves, to think about art for ourselves, out of the contexts of books and historians and critics telling us how to think about art and what art means. To engage in discussions with eachother, to start conversations. But no, this was art as commodity more than I have ever seen before, a room full of alienated people looking at Cezanne and nodding along to their headphones and I wonder, what did they feel?

Well I feel ripped off. $22 for a ticket where I had to punch people in the face (almost) to get close enough to anything to appreciate it. It’s things like this that question my involvement in the arts. When my art becomes a commodity, I quit.

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College Life, Take One

Here I am, procrastinating a paper and watching House, M.D. with my darling roommate. It’s nearing the end of the semester; that means finals, high stress, and a desire only for sleeping. I haven’t had a whole lot of time for fiber work this week besides the six hours I spent in class Monday night half threading my class loom. I did start threading my (at home) loom after a dramatic few days of untangling warp and un-knotting strings, but alas, school is finally starting to take precedence.

self portraits

Woe is me, I can never do a self portrait with accurate likeness; the right figure is more convincing, and has better lighting, but the right figure is probably a better likeness. For my Life Drawing class, vine charcoal with white acrylic. This one is better:


Just thought I’d post some (other) work since I’m not doing a lot of fiber work right now.

I do plan on finishing the threading of both my looms this weekend, and hopefully I can start the pick-up project before the actual class on Monday. My last in-class work day is December 1st, with the final due the following week, but I want to have it done before the 3rd so I can take it to a high school observation for one of my teaching classes. We’re going to have a nice critique and experience sharing session with the students, and I thought it would be interesting for the students to see something that is less traditional coming from work in the fine arts tradition. Hopefully it will make for an interesting discussion.

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