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Suplementary weft: to add in weft separate from or in addition to the given weft. As you can see, in the weaving above I have alternately supplemented the weft of the tabby (far right), the actual weave structure, both simutaneously (the middle section), and in place of the weft (the bright green to the left of the photograph is woven without interruption of the regular weft, forcing the regular shots of plain weave to curve slightly around the shape after I completed the shape and resume regular shots of plain weave…easier done than said). This sample is for a much larger piece that I’m hoping to complete, the proposal for which was e-mailed out earlier this evening. So, more details to come. For now, enjoy the layers of color, pattern, and structural interruptions:





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Uncounted Moments


This is the final piece (or rather, a piece of the piece) for my color blog project. Now that it’s off the loom, it measures approximately 90″x30″ (so, around 2.5 yards in length). The warp was hand painted, and the weft is made of mostly found color and natural fibers, from cotton to bamboo, and some dyed cotton. As I wove, I stopped looking at individual colors, that is to say, one specific color, in relation to my poems. Instead, I started focusing how different colors, and different combinations of colors, were able to lay in the warp and create the effect I desired. The result is a very large piece of cloth with a whole lotta color, and I couldn’t be more pleased.

As for the projections, I’m still pretty set on that idea, but I think I’ll save it for the double cloth project, when I can specify my imagery within the cloth itself.


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I finished my Color Blog Weaving last night, so this post is meant to round out the blog posts for the project. I have posted some poems from earlier in the semester that I failed to post on time, as well as doubled up on poems the past few days in order to get this weaving finished in time for the Handweaver’s Guild of America (HGA) scholarship deadline. There are only 25 poems, but I did weave the entire warp (I haven’t measured it yet, but if I stand on a chair and hold it up above my head, it is still taller than me). It’s a very substantial cloth; look forward to pictures later today when I figure out how to photograph it.


shadow cat  is a name that makes for a sexy mutant


the shadow between your thighs means
maybe we should join hands one day


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Color Project- Day 17

i grow my hair long so that it tangles in the wind on car trips to nowhere

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Color Project- Day 16

(from yesterday)

we are drawing invisible lines on invisible surfaces

yet you erase for imperfection

and begin again

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Color Project- Day 15

Gray on blue creates invisible worlds

Where my hands meet dead ends

And I am entranced by the absence of everything

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Color Project- Day 14

I am tip-toe-ing

mildly, watching my toes connect

like hinges to the concrete earth

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