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This ostrich has nothing to do with this post

This ostrich has nothing to do with this post

Some of you remember way back an exciting post sharing my offer of employment for MICA’s summer Pre-College program, and some of you may be wondering why the heck there is an ostrich at the top of the post and not new beautiful embroideries or that dang rag rug I keep promising. Never fear! Those things will come. But for the time being, the past two weeks and the next two weeks, my posts will probably (possibly) be sparse (non-existant) as I am very busy with my wonderful students and residents learning great new things and having the time of our lives. So maybe the ostrich is a metaphor for my absence, like having my head in the sand. Except instead of hiding, I’m having the time of my life!

The super exciting part is that I am the teacher’s assistant for both the fiber core class (meets three times a week with an instructor, three times just with the TA) and the fiber workshop (once a week with the teacher, once with just the TA) and I have a lovely fiber TA partner for both. I am absolutely amazed with my students; they are polite, respectful, eager to learn, hard working, and absolutely a delight all around. Take a look at our class blog to see what I’ve been up to and what we’re thinking about: Pre-College Class Blog! (To clarify, I didn’t create the blog, I’m just super excited that there is a blog so that people can see what a great program this is. Valeska, our lovely teacher, is to be credited.)

This weekend we will be going to D.C. to run around and see some amazing exhibits, so maybe I’ll have some things of interest to post after Saturday. Until then, wish me luck on my teaching adventure!


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