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a really terrible picture of the projection room and set up

Last night was the final weaving crit for the semester, and I have to say I was pleasantly surprised. I guess I had been looking at the cloth for so long with frustration, that I just assumed everyone else would be as frustrated as I was, and that was not the case. It just reminded me of the importance of stepping back from your work, taking a break, and then coming back to it with new eyes. You can be surprised by what you see. Crit, for me, is becoming increasingly important as I’m working with these new ideas as it helps me to refocus and realize things about the piece that I was struggling to grasp, ideas which are discussed below.


Quiet Brain Storms, Woven Cloth and Projection, 2009

Here is an image of the double cloth pickup piece by itself (a little wrinkly, ignore), and the cloth with the projection over top. The projection consists of eight images that cycle through in a continuous loop with variation of color, light, and impact of texture as overlay:

a sampling of the images used in the projection

a sampling of the images used in the projection

The purpose of this cloth stands as memory. Cloth, as an heirloom, is something that is passed down through families, and gathers memories through generations. Even a single cloth, posessed by a single person, collects a range of memories and has the ability to have memories, for lack of a better word, projected into its history. Through the projection, I am exploring the power of memory and dreams, the disctinction and blurring between the two, and how a single event can be remembered many different ways, even in one still moment.


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puppets warp

So this is my warp for my Puppets and Prosthetics final. I am not at all certain that this is going to work- the double cloth warp seems a little funky pulled through my makeshift dent reed, but I shall carry forth!  The bit to the left is for a little side fringe action, and when I get a little more into the projection I will tell you all about the practical and aesthetic purposes for such fringe.

In other news somewhat related, my Puppets and Prosthetics teacher, Molly Ross of Nana Projects, decided that today was too beautiful a day to sit inside and watch videos, so she took a bunch of us out to her studio in Baltimore and we learned how to stilt walk. Apparently I am a natural, and I had so much fun wobbling around the beautiful, green field in my sequin-decorated stilts. I definitely see custom stilt building in my future. Unfortunately, I don’t have any pictures of my excursion, but I imagine I looked something like this:


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The fun part about weaving pickup- you’re drawing, but you can’t go back and erase. Well, I suppose you could, but it might take you eons, and I don’t have that kind of time. Not to mention, I was having serious problems with my sheds not raising enough to pass the shuttle through, so I knew for a fact that I was catching floats on the underside here and there; backtracking, in short, would have been a disaster. It is with a bit of despair that I realize just how distracted I was working on this piece (excuses- blame finals, the stress of living, etc.) and I didn’t have a focused enough idea of what my image should look like. I wish I could go back and erase, but I can’t. It’s off the loom!

Overall, I think my weaving experience this year has been totally experimental, wholly positive, and an enlightening struggle. I threw myself into a medium that was completely new to me and immediately began imposing my specific (and as my weaving teacher pointed out, simultaneously vague) ideas onto the craft, assuming that the cloth would just accept things because it seemed right to me. Some pieces have been more successful than others, and I’m still eyeing this last piece (detail pictured above) with suspicion and a bit of dread. The weaving is finished, but the piece as a whole isn’t quite finished yet, it’s not complete. I thought I would be totally thrilled with this piece, with my vision of the illustration, the colors, the material, and my grand ideas of projection, but so far things aren’t quite coming together the way I supposed they would. (more…)

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My goofy face, proudly displaying my new scarf.

My goofy face, proudly displaying my new scarf.

At the end of my last project (the double cloth pick-up narrative) I had a lot of warp left over (that’s something to be said for calculating too much waste) and I really didn’t want to waste the beauty of the bamboo and tencel deliciousness. Seeing as I had the yarn and the time, I decided to weave the waste off with a seam on the side, so that while it was 16″ inches on the loom, when I took it off and unfolded it, I had an (approximate) square of 32″ x 32.” Good deal, right? While rather awkward as a whole piece of cloth, folded into a triangle it makes quite a nice scarf, if I do say so myself. I went ahead and twisted all of the ends, and even though the fringe is a different length all the way around, I think it gives the scarf character. Hooray for wearable art!


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doublecloth projection still

I haven’t been talking a lot about weaving lately, mostly because I’ve been sorta stuck. My latest weaving assignment is a doublecloth pick-up project which describes a specific date and place through the use of imagery and choice of color. Essentially, this project is perfect for me. It’s narrative by nature and has few limitations, which is precisely why I’m using this opportunity to experiment with video projection.

Lately I’ve been dissatisfied with just cloth, so I’ve been trying to figure out ways to make cloth a multimedia/ mixed media experience. While I hesitate to jump directly to technology to solve this issue, I think it’s a good place to start in these early stages of my search for the perfect, specific medium for my oddly specific way of thinking. (more…)

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Good News!


This is totally how I feel today.

Dear Rachel,

It is with great pleasure that I offer you summer employment as a Teaching Assistant/Resident Counselor (TARC) for the 2009 Pre-College Studio Residency Program at the Maryland Institute College of Art.

I just got this lovely e-mail today, after months of brow wrinkling from worries, so now I have a job for the summer! Not only is the job an excellent opportunity for giving back to my community and working with students in a teaching capacity, but it’s also a great resume builder- especially if I get assigned to teach the fibers class (it makes the most sense! fingers crossed!).

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You & Me

This is a simple book I printed and bound for my Intro to Poetry class.  Our final for the semester is a Chapbook of at least 10 poems of a common theme. My book is entitled you & me and consists of ten poems concerning the lives of two early 20th century characters, Lady Victorian Dreamer and Level Headed Modernist. The poems read as a chronological narrative from beginning to end.


poetry book 2

poetry book 3

Hand drawn and painted cover illustration.

4″ x 5.5″ Printed on Natural Stonehenge Paper in Palatino Linotype

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